With so many cushion options, you’re sure to find the combination that’s just right for you. You can email or contact us at 209-922-9888 or 209-507-4369.

Standard seat and back cushions
Our standard seat cushions are our firmest seat cushions. They combine an Ultra Cell High-Resiliency foam core with an Ultra Cell soft wrap on top and bottom for added comfort. We recommend turning these seat cushions once a month. Our standard back cushions are fiber filled only. They are 100% fiber and have no foam in them. The fiber is Dupont® DuraLife fiberfill, which provides luxurious comfort and support. The fiberfill is odorless and hypo-allergenic. Some maintenance is required which involves occasional turning and fluffing of the cushions.

Fiber-Down seat and back cushions
Our fiber-down seat cushions have an Ultra Cell High-Resiliency foam core inserted in a down-proof ticking envelope of fiber and feather/down combination. They require a little more maintenance (we recommend turning the seat cushions every week) and occasional fluffing. These cushions have more of a “give” than the standard seat cushions. Our fiber-down back cushions are a combination of fiber and feather/down in a down-proof ticking (casing). They have no foam. Regular fluffing and turning is required, but since they contain fiber, they do have elasticity.

All-Down seat and back cushions
Our all-down seat cushions are a 100% all feather/down blend in a channeled down-proof ticking (casing) – NO foam. This is the ultra premium seat cushion – very plush. It gives you the feeling of sinking into the furniture. Like every true All-Down cushion, it is very high maintenance. The cushion requires fluffing every time it is used because it will flatten and compact. With there being no foam or fiber, there is basically no support after you initially sit on it and the feather/down compacts. Our all-down back cushions are like the seat cushions – 100% feather/down in a down-proof ticking. High maintenance and regular fluffing is required. Very plush.